80/20 customer analytics tool.

Do you need to focus on conversion or churn? What is the right benchmark for your market? Do people stop using your product because it’s too complicated or too light? Are the people trying your app your ideal customers or are you wasting your money convincing the wrong group?

To find these answers, you need to use a handful of analytics tool combined. 
Intercom tells you how many people come in to your app. Stripe tells you how much they are paying you. Fullstory shows you what they do when they use your app. And tools like Amplitude or MetaBase give you answers to specific questions like how many times they took a certain action.

When important information about your customers is scattered across multiple tools, it’s difficult to imagine the full picture. And without it, you can’t make the right product decisions.

That’s why we made Slim. It integrates with the tools you already use, to pull in the right data about your customers from different sources, so you can get the full picture. It categorises your customer base in 8 groups, making it easy for you to see where the biggest leaks are or where you need to double down your efforts.

It’s the 80/20 of customer analytics tools for early-stage SaaS startups. And it’s currently in Private Beta mode.


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